"Be not afraid, O man! Lay hold of the wings of the Angel of Eternal Life, And soar into the paths of the stars, The moon, the Sun, And the endless Light, Moving around in their Revolving circle forever, And fly toward the Heavenly Sea Of Eternal Life." - The Unknown Books of the Essenes




my angel of eternal love/love (mm)iracles visitation

Angel Helpers to Advance you as the Angelic Passion is the SOUL.

Angelic Assistance for True Peace in Mind....

When you are filled with so much emotion that you can barely breathe....

When you need the most enCourage-ing Allies to be had

Shining a Light on the Path needed to follow....

 When you are faced with a number of problems to solve...

When you are in too deep and need to take care not to needlessly

complicate matters further....

When you are Grieving HARD, faced with a very difficult decision

and find yourself Praying the BIG question without resolve: 

"What is the Spiritually Correct thing to do?!!!"

When you are feeling, tired and run down and DONE with something.

When you are questioning what really supports your spirit?

When there is a Great Spiritual Urgency....

Do you have struggles with Faith and Trust and NEED to take a first step.?

Perhaps there is a "Getting with Living" - a fervent Wish

to realise a dream

that can no longer be denied......

This Holy Rite is Intended for "fork in the road" life turns

and FINAL Reconciliation 
with God.

Together with 
the Angel of Eternal Life you CAN Peacefully move on 

and welcome the Ushering in of God's Perfection.

Restoration of Life to its Original Beauty, Commanding the Blessing,


Eternal Life is not exactly for Eternity as Times change us

and Angels See what humans cannot..what is Flowing in and out 

of the Present Moment.

The Source of  Eternal Life is in the Vine not in the branches.

ISLA will Send the SoundLight Angels of LIFE (under the Divine Direction of

our Beloved Great Change Agent, Archangel Gabriel)

to your home or business address

(ISLA just needs the address number(s))

or can substitute a numerical sequence (1111, 2222, 3333, 4444, etc.)

ISLA will Petition the SoundLIght Angels to stay with you

for a minimum of 7 days and a maximum of two weeks (14 days) to

not only Purify and balance your chakras,

Helping you with the Anchoring of the Supranatural Endeavour, i.e. 

Gaining a new sense of direction and Present-centered Awareness...

You may Receive Visions about what to do about your life's situation

with a Lucidity so Clear that 

you may feel this Heavenly Host Perpetuating an immortality

consciousness and a confident readiness to take steps

that are both steady and sure.

This Angelic Visitation also Delivers an Attuning.....

 most ancient, revered and sacred.

As an added Gift for Good measure, ISLA will also send you an

Angelic Crystal/Gemstone "prescription" with

instructions on how to activate it (you can shop for it anywhere you wish).

Blessings, Bestowal, Renewal and a Great Protection to you.

The Angels of God are Powerful when Commissioned!

Before submitting your order for an email reading with ISLA please review her disclaimer/ethics as a Spiritual Reader.

Please fill out the order form completely so there are few delays in processing your order.  After your payment clears your email reading will be delivered in 3 to 5 days.

When you submit your order you agree to the disclaimer/ethics above and to pre-pay for your order before services are rendered. You also agree that you understand that all readings, Rites and sessions offered  are extremely time-intensive and
individually-tailored, therefore non-refundable.

Please do not place an order you do not intend on completing.
Session order no-shows will be granted SoundLight catalogue
"credit" for a period of up to 1 year. 

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