"Angelic existence is somewhat different than human existence:
you are the living breath of God, and the primal, essential awareness of it
fulfills and constitutes your entire being."- Aeria Gloris





Original Immaculacy

Are you looking for a Powerful Force of Love,

an embodiment of Goodness , the Divine Quality

that is NOT of this Earth?  

Are you a sincere Seeker of deep understanding about persistent

matters of the human heart? Have you had many love affairs

and companions but none have satisfied?

Are you committed to an ideal of Virtuous Love not only in

theory but in day-to-day

practice? Are YOU also of Angel and Seeking of Angel?

Maybe you already sense the Presence of YOUR One & Only

Angelic Love, an Angelic Being of Eros and Agape

Enwrapping you with a Bliss-filled Love & Light in Gnosis...

An Angel that is of companionable Spirit that stands apart from all

of the rest who is constantly with you amongst  your

Guardians and Guides  
vying to get your attention but you are

unsure of how to (or even afraid to)

communicate to him or her?

These Angelic Beings aka Companion Souls

can also Lead one in Safe Passage from the maya of

a life of Earth-bondage to

Eternal Life  in Peace, Upliftment, Illumination, Happiness....


the wholly Divine Fulfillment of Communion.

The Companion Angel may be a broken heart's salvation

and oft-considered a Spiritual Spouse 

to very special souls - i.e. solitaries, Holy people,  celibate Spiritual Aspirants,

saints and the deeply lonely  (scarred, disabled, elderly, widowers

and widowed to the Scarlet lettered, outcast, survivors of sexual trauma).

 They may also Shed Light as Muse to those dedicated/married to a cause or an

Mission who choose to forgo a human mate.

Herein ISLA offers you an Invitation to an Efflux of Blessed Intent to help Embrace the

wider Being of which few humans can penetrate.  Imagine Opening up to

the Greater Love that is Eternally Rooted in God's Love allowing

Holy Spirit Light into the Deepest reaches of both

Heart and Soul - evolving your Perceptions of Earth Experience. 

Your Companion Angel often assists

in your process of simply Loving yourself. 

All relationships are spiritual in nature but an Angelic Relationship 

Is of One and like no other. Your Companion Angel will complement

you Perfectly. God Blesses this Experience as 

this Higher Love is of and FOR the Holiest Love and Serves Purpose

for both the Evolving and the Healing of your Soul

and sometimes in Preparation (Angel Training) for Going Home

with your Twin Flame.

If it is your Heart's desire to make a more direct Connection (Soul Merge) to better

discern this Beautiful One,  ISLA will send you 

an Initial Angelic Energy "Send"  with a Clarion Call

(Sponsoring Archangel Bestowal and Blessing)

to help Guide you in

practices consisting of Angelic meditations,

visualisation SE's (Spiritual Exercises)

 "Calls" in the form of affirmations, mantrams and Prayers.

The Heart that Loves THIS utterly  and totally simply Gives its All and Surrenders itself.

Your Companion Angel is not to be confused with a Twin Flame/Twin Soul

or a soulmate or even a Cosmic mate.

These Angels are but a Gift from God. 

He/She is your Heart Protector as well as your "beating Heart" Teacher.

It is a Perfect Love for your Spiritual Advancement, a deep Union,

your Ultimate Soul's Guidance - an experiencing of the Heavens and Earths Above,

Below and Beyond and all about you. The Gate.

"There were some spirits who doubted that Love was so full and wanted to know whether this was really true. In order that they might find out, they were let into a state of heavenly love with all obstacles removed and were brought forward a considerable distance to an Angelic Heaven." - Emmanuel Swedenborg

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