Isla Tula-CelestĂșn- Visionary Facilitator
& Sacred Conduit

Great Pacific Northwest

Founder, The Angelos School, Vashon Ko-Lucid
SOMM (a World Society for Eros & Agape Evolution)
Salish Sea Red Tent Temple Movement (formerly Vashon Red Tent Temple)
URUK Goddess Temple

URUK, SOMM & Enquiries about The ANGELOS School, send ISLA an email

Support: ISLA most gratefully and humbly accepts monthly tributes (given from the heart) and one-time gifts to further the Evolution of her projects and Shift her into Service full-time.  Please NOTE that this is NOT "not-for-profit" work for ISLA as of this time but every bit certainly contributes to her livelihood doing what she most loves.

The contact form below is not intended for email messages of a personal nature nor spam. Due to time constraints in session, session scheduling and fulfilling orders for readings there are but a few precious moments if any for ISLA to personally address each and every correspondence. If you are interested in writing to ISLA about your Angelic or Spiritual and personal Healing Experiences you may alternatively wish to consider one or two of her SOUNDLIGHT (MM)inistries, Love Letters Only if you wish for ISLA to know of your Twin Flame/Twin Soul Path and Heart Pourings for Grief and Life Passage Spiritual support now available to everyone by modest annual monetary tribute on a sliding scale.  This unique letter service is made possible by the Loving stewardship of a High-ranking Earth Angel in your Service.
Some Messages Seen of a Cosmic Significance are both
catalogued and dictated to ISLA. 

Please refrain from using the form below to enquire about SOUNDLIGHT services and requests for free or discounted readings (ISLA is unable to offer at this time)
or client follow-ups. Consultative and services options are available to
new and existing clientele on all of the order pages.

We look forward to hearing from you! :)

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