ISLA's Code of Ethics/Disclaimer/Terms of Service 

Confidentiality. Be it known that your e-mail address, personal information,
and the reading/sessions itself will NEVER be discussed, sold, rented, shared, or given to anyone unless otherwise requested by the client or required by a court of law.

Honesty. ISLA will always conduct her readings and interpretations to the best of her ability and Serve the most honorable interests of the client. ISLA will always conduct her professional activities without causing or intending to cause harm.

Respect. ISLA will treat each client with the utmost respect regardless of their origin,
race, religion, gender, age, or sexual preference.

ISLA is not a fortune-teller, nor may her sessions, consultations and Offerings be considered 'psychic' services. ISLA's primary Intention is to Angelically Aid you with the Higher, Angelic Viewpoint. ISLA's wish is to also offer you a tangible taste of
Angelic Guidance and  an overall intimate understanding of Angels as God's Intermediaries, Ministers, Healers and Messengers. Also acquaintance and introduction to your very own personal companions and always your personal and
Spiritual growth and development.

ISLA wishes to Remind you that you alone are responsible for your own actions/inactions and behavior in life, choices, attitudes, perceptions
of self and others. There are resulting ramifications, "ripple affects" , consequences
aka "karmas" stemming from action/inaction and thus resulting fruits.
Life is most definitely what YOU make it with New Beginnings afforded in every moment by way of Changed and sustained FEELING that Shifts Attentions and 
Points of Attraction for favourable Conscious Intentions that
Seed and Flower Creation.

* Service Offering Exclusions/Boundaries *

ISLA cannot do readings for those under 18 years of age.

ISLA cannot do readings and do sessions for people in emergency
situations who are under great psychological distress and need
a "quick fix" especially if at the same time you are
mind-altering substances. If you are in this state, it is better to have a
friend or loved one order on
your behalf and request a Healing Offering
that may Spiritually benefit you. 

Please seek a qualified health care (or mental health care) professional
if you are concerned about your health in any way be it physically, Spiritually,
mentally, or have an illness/disease, or disorder  or suspicion of such, as ISLA is not a doctor or nurse, psychologist/psychiatrist nor mental health or relationship counselor. 

If you are experiencing a medical emergency,
domestic violence or are feeling suicidal please call 911 
AND seek the physical, tangible supports you need.

The doors that offer REAL, EFFECTIVE HELP on the physical plane are there for
you to knock on, DO NOT BE AFRAID of good people in service to humanity who sincerely wish to help you at the hour of your need.  




Please seek a social worker if you are in immediate need of life's basics: food, clothing, shelter, child care, medical and dental care; crisis and substance abuse counseling, 
job search and career development help. 

Please seek qualified financial assistance from a banker, broker, or other finance institution if you have any financial concerns or any transactions,
as ISLA is not a financial consultant.

Please seek an attorney for any legal or a judicial matter, as ISLA is not an attorney.

ISLA reserves the right to refuse readings and sessions that go against her ethics as a
Spiritual reader and Master Healer and her morals as an Angelic and human being.

* Personal Disclosures *

ISLA is not Pagan, Wiccan, a sorceress, a practitioner of witchcraft, spiritualist, hermetic,  root worker/conjurer, hoodoo  or voodoo/voudou priestess or practitioner, shaman or a shadow worker. ISLA does not identify with the New Age movement, nor considers herself a  psychic, psychic medium or channel etc. although some like to label her as such.  ISLA is not a Healer of a sensual persuasion, a bodyworker, "sacred intimate" nor a left or right path tantric practitioner nor does she possess interest or wisdoms in and of Kundalini  Awakening and Yoga.  ISLA does not provide any of these personal service Offerings on the SOUNDLIGHTMAYA.COM website in affiliation or alliance with any of the above nor with any religious or Spiritual institution, church organisation, study group, yogi/guru or cult sect. ISLA feels although she may on the surface appear Ethereal, "lofty" and Angelic to some, she is actually down to Earth, approachable, and practical in her SERIOUS, Gnostic application of Spirituality. ISLA's Service Offerings are not particularly suited for potential clients or students who are patrons of any of the above stated services (or engaged in related practice) nor the deeply conservative religious (Christian and Hindu). ISLA wishes for you to know that these are personal Revelations that simply signify possibilities for serious misunderstanding, and incongruence but never intense dislikes or hatreds.  ISLA respects everyone's choice of a
non-harming and Loving Spiritual Path and without meting judgment simply disregards the rest. ISLA shares this so that clients and potential clients, students  Initiates and collaborators can better decide for themselves genuine compatibility and having a mutually harmonious, 
Trusting, satisfying and Joy-Filled Experience.

* Rare Refusals of Service, Correspondence and Relationship *

ISLA reserves the right in her private (MM)inisterial and business practice to
refuse services and correspondence/relationship in
any form to anyone who attempts at breaking the social, material
and moral/ethical fabric of her SOUNDLIGHT organisation and
any or all personal relationships both held and held sacred within. 

ISLA reserves the right to discontinue relationship with clients who attempt to 
"milk her" with excessive communications before, during and
after execution of a reading or Healing 

ISLA also reserves the right to outright ignore and/or set necessary boundaries with the disrespectful, the "parasitic", the Spiritually entitled, the inequitable barters, the barters who bail, the time wasters, the stalker-ish, the "window shoppers",  particularly those who lurk, follow, pursue, chase, and write her endlessly online without sincere engagement beyond her free and Gift Offerings never giving due support in Tribute nor patronage and students who prove insincere with "toxic" lifestyles and
associations that are contrary to and jeopardise the Spiritual Path.
ISLA has a zero-tolerance policy for duplicitousness,  flagrant manipulation,
exploitation and abuses of any kind.


Prospective students must demonstrate a SINCERE and SERIOUS interest 
in the Energy Healing modality enquired about, engage in regular practice
AND live lifestyles of health, sustainability, Loving Kindness and well-being and 
Good discernment of Divine Inspirations.

You are Seeking the Highest Alignment in Accordance with Angels and
Presenting yourself in Service to God and not just self, for the Just Cause for our Encounter is for Purposes of manifesting Heav'n on Earth!! 

Study and continued mentorship/apprenticeship with ISLA and sustained participation in these modalities as Teacher/student are not intended to serve as an alternative  rehabilitation program, ashram/virtual ashram, "half-way house" , place of refuge
or "Miracle cure" for addictions or in escape of emotionally turbulent life situations of any kind.  You must be sober, be of sound mind  and sound mental and emotional health to be at par with  the ever-Evolving Teaching. Time-outs,
breaks from ISLA's programmes,  personal retreats and sabbaticals are most certainly encouraged during times such as these but there are no allowances for this at the Beginning of study or remotely-aided Self-Study. 

ISLA asks that you do a careful, self-enquiry and life inventory
while contemplating the Master Healer Paths. 

* Pre-payment Requirement for
Service Offerings of Remote/Distance Services  

Prepayment is required for all remote/distance services.  
Your order will be processed in the order received ("first come, first served.")
A booking /session order is not official until payment for services is rendered.

ISLA cannot honour "old pricing" seen anywhere on the Internet, all pricing on THIS
website (SOUNDLIGHTMAYA.COM) reflect the most current rate schedule
for rendering personal services. 

  At the very minimum this website is updated two or three times per year.  ISLA also reserves the right to refute old pricing if you placed an order previously and decided to abandon communications in executing said order at a later date.

All of ISLA's service Offerings on the SOUNDLIGHTMAYA.COM 
are non-refundable.  


* Cancellation Policy/No Shows/Incomplete Orders *

If you submit an order that you do not complete (ignore invoice, do not book session or service offering ordered within a reasonable period of time - 7-10 days)
ISLA reserves the right to blacklist you from the site
and refuse service to you.  "No shirt, no shoes, no service." 

If you are running late, please send ISLA an email at soundlightmaya@gmail.com. Under 10 minutes usually isn't a big deal. 10-15 minutes we may have to abbreviate your service or even reschedule.

If you need to change or cancel your appointment, please give ISLA at least 48 hours notice. If you cancel with less than 48 hours notice, a fee of 50% of the service will be billed to you via PayPal in order to schedule again.
This is a separate fee, and NOT a pre-payment.

If you cancel with less than 24 hours notice or do not show up,
100% of the service will be rebilled to you.

Please know that due to availability, if you cancel it may be 2-4 weeks plus until you are able to get back on the SoundLight calendar during your preferred session time.

ISLA is patient and sympathetic to emergencies and occurrences that are of the fullness and thickness of Life but cannot afford to accommodate last minute
change of mind or heart or plans.

ISLA asks you to take your commitments seriously and honour them
to the best of your ability.