“No one ever told me that grief felt so like fear.”
- C.S. Lewis, a Grief Observed




a special offering for processes of grief

 With flickers of Hope and the Highest Light for those who have become

despairing and a Help Order for those who simply Seek a Listening ear

i.e.  an easing rather than a stopping of pain.

ISLA offers an Invitation TO PAUSE, Breathe and Surrender

again and again to FEELING.

Sometimes all you need is NO Healing solution and simply someone ANGELIC....

of a 5th dimensional or Above Kind to really BE THERE....

with Compassion and at the

A nonjudgmental 
Someone who will REMEMBER

and be sensitive to the fact that you are STILL

crying yourself to sleep, consequences be damned!!

It is ISLA's desire that All gain an intimate understanding that FEELING

deep feelings are an evolutionary part of the path of Life,

absolutely Essential to human growth and Existence.

The feeling of "being stuck" between worlds of such a singular

vividness of a particular moment in Time is but a whole body's Prayer.

Allow ISLA and Her SoundLight Communing Angels to

 Serve as Loving confidantes to hold your hand during hard tests of time.

All you need do is send a Heart Pourings letter

an approach so that ISLA's Guiding Spirit  (Higher Self)

may give you a
Passionate and approving

Permissiveness ; an "It Is OK to do this!" without apology.

The immensity and Enormity of a loss

often leave one with largely unanswered questions,

where serious gaps may remain.

Like a trip to the after-life where dialogues are most important...

 the Precious Truth Is that Love's Mysteries lay only half-hidden.

The Angels of Communion are with you always holding you close and

in a Trust that Streams forth a saving Grace. 

“Reason lost the battle, and all I could do was surrender and accept
I was in love.”  ~
  Paulo Coelho 

To submit your Heart's Pouring to ISLA please fill out the form completely and review her disclaimer/ethics as a Spiritual Reader and Master Healer. 

Because of the letter volume received ISLA cannot acknowledge, return or even reference letters received on the website but may acknowledge the first one. 

If you would like a record of your correspondence with ISLA it is highly recommended that you print out or save your letters prior to submitting ISLA both honours and respects your privacy and will never share any communications
received on or via this website.

Simply use the form below to submit each letter.  One letter per form please.

You are welcome to come back time and again with new and additional requests
as often as you wish.

ISLA gratefully accepts donations in the form of Tributes (monetary) to support this Heavenly Mission of Heart & Soul Healing facilitation and it is strongly Advised.

Before submitting your order for the Heart Pouring
to ISLA please review her disclaimer/ethics as a Spiritual Reader and Master Healer.

Please fill out the order form completely so there are few delays
in processing your order. 

When you submit your order you agree to the disclaimer/ethics above and to pre-pay for your order before services are rendered. You also agree that you understand that all readings, Rites and sessions offered  are extremely time-intensive and
individually-tailored, therefore non-refundable.

Please do not place an order you do not intend on completing.
Session order no-shows will be granted SoundLight catalogue
"credit" for a period of up to 1 year. 


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