~The Master Calls

I Love to walk along these mountain paths

Find a way to reach the sea
I remember how You used to laugh as we go running
And dancing in the breeze
What was it ever made me leave

I can see You standing by the ocean shore
Looking deep beneath the waves
All the world was passing at your feet
And its reflection was captured in Your Face
For just a moment of your Grace

And you can always be found
Entertaining Angels
That had fallen to the ground
But what is lost will come around again
In time I swear I shall be found

You wear Your wisdom in a simple way
Its never given just for show
If I hadn't seen the price you paid
I would never never even know
The life that fallows when you go

And 'Ill follow that Light again
I'm like the shell upon the beach
And You're the waves
Rising inside of me
Carry me home

For I'm tired of this life alone

You always call me when I've
Given all my Love away
I find Your ocean In Its place

By Loving You I find Your Grace

I Love to sail upon these gentle seas
Take my guidance from the clouds
I will sail forever until I reach Your Horizon
And I listen for Your Sound

For I Loved you then
And I Love You now

I Loved You then
And I Love You now

-Jsu Garcia