"The crucial first step to survival in all organisms is habitat selection.
If you get to the right place, everything else is likely to be easier."
- Edward O. Wilson, Biophilia



Heart & Soul Hermit Aways with ISLA

Hermit Away with ISLA in The Great Pacific Northwest!

Let us Immerse in Heart N' Soul travel Beyond Love, Light & Sound

to support you In Love and in times of Heartbreak.

Connecting Deeply
, day after day in a uniquely

ETHEREAL, cooperative & intimate 

sanctuary, an Angelic Residency of sorts. 

Deeply therapeutic, Imaginal space. 

Both Enchanting and discreet with excursions

that "SpiritChasm" The Expected  ;-)

A Once-in-a-Lifetime Creative Experience!

A wonderful way to transcend "retreat" with ISLA

Beholding Seattle, The Emerald City and its STUNNING surrounds...

Limited to 4-8 individuals.  Adults only. NO couples at war! 

Organic. Vegan.  Soul warming. Heart Affirming.

Join ISLA and friends for 30, or 60 days.

Out-of-Time Passages/Journeys

Better than pews under stars!

Believing is Seeing.

A stunning opportunity to step out of the mundane world

and into ISLA"s Angelically Bold and Visionary One.  Heaven on Earth. 

Come on your own or bring your favourite travelling companions.

This is group Spirit, Inner travel & Teach-In/Sit-In with Bucket List

philanthropic seeding aims in an Etheric Temple Setting of Great Beauty.

Small and medium groups only.  Couples and singles both welcome.

ISLA would love to hear from you! Please fill out this form completely and
we will get in touch with you shortly with details about what we are Creating!

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