“The most exquisite paradox… as soon as you give it all up, you can have it all.
As long as you want power, you can't have it. The minute you don't want power,
you'll have more than you ever dreamed possible.”
  - Ram Dass

:: Your Gifts & Your Support ::

If you would like to provide support to ISLA in Tribute to further her projects, callings, fancies or Shine a little Love, there are many ways beyond session,
consultation and event bookings.  

NOTE: ISLA issues PayPal Payment Requests for all PayPal gifts/transactions
in lieu of a live electronic shopping cart so it is a two-part process requiring some interchange before services are rendered.

Material goods:

Books (stacks of books)
Healing crystals and stones
Home furnishings/Antiques
Vinyl music collections
Classic rock memorabilia
Concert tickets


Housekeeping, gardening, chauffeuring,graphic design/illustration, interior design,
web design, small business consulting, accounting/bookeeping services, 
legal consulting, life coaching/counseling, financial services,
workshop/seminar tickets, licensed massage,
B&B, hotel or resort stays...Suggestions welcome!

Vacation OR Home Rentals: 

Air BnB

Air Travel cards/vouchers and frequent flier miles:

American Airlines
Continental Airlines/United Airlines
Delta SkyMiles (R)

Southwest Airlines
Virgin Atlantic

Virgin America

British Airways
Alaska Airlines

Gift Cards:

American Express Gift Card
B&H Photo Video & Pro Audio
Bed Bath & Beyond
Free People
Home Depot
One Kings Lane
Southwest Airlines
Sundance Catalog

 Give a One Time Gift:

Send a Gift to Isla of any size via PayPal or other gift card above
from your Heart- requiring no exchange.

 Send ISLA a Recurring Monthly Tribute via PayPal:

Moment of Love $5 to $50/month
Flow of Love  $50 to $100/month
Seed of Love $100 to $500/month
Petals of Love $500 to $1K/month
Flower of Love $1K to $3K/month
Culture of Love $3K to 5K/month

(Patronage/Guardianship) to ISLA

Sea of Love $5K - $10K/month

Become a Missions Benefactor to ISLA

Wings of Love   $10K-$20K/month 
Heart of Love $20K-$50K/mo +

Become a Sponsor for Selfless Service
All ISLA Offerings become GRATIS to everyone
Miracle of Love $50K -$100K/month +


Hosting and/or event Sponsorship of The Divine Healing Service
& the ISLA Healing Studio Forum

The 13th Octave LaHoChi (R) is an energy healing method that Reiki Masters say
is a thousand times more powerful than Reiki. 
*The Council of Love (R), 13th Octave (R),
13th Octave LaHoChi (R) are trademarked names of  NOVA Healing School of Arts and Sciences
and Linda Dillon, Council of Love (R).