"I've learned that one way to bring my greatest longings to the surface is to notice how alive they make me feel." - mary manin morrissey


 "Thank you : ) to you and the Angels!!!"  ~ Kissimmee, FL

"Such Beautiful words and what Amazing Service!"  ~ Jennifer M, Austin, TX

"Amazing on target reader! She gets right into your soul and sees what your true gifts to the world are. I'm still in awe of my life's purpose, its as if she read directly into my soul. You are amazing ISLA! It is an honor to be read by you. Love to you.  
annot wait to work with you again. You are a true gifted inspiration!

J.L. ~ East Hanover, NJ

"You are the sweetest purest most beautiful soul I have ever met! 
Much love for you always"   - C. H.  ~ Toledo, OH 

"As a reader, Isla packs more insight into ten minutes than most do in sixty. Her laser focused readings cut to the heart of the matter at hand, whether it's related to relationships, finances or career she has the answers. Isla, has the wisdom of a sage, the sensitivity of a healer and the skill of a master. Can't wait to talk with her again!"

Gayle Ann,  San Francisco, CA 

"Isla will blow your mind with her gifts - she asks for very little info and tells you things there is no way she could have known -
or give you insight into things you hadn't thought about but then after reading her message you say "ah-ha" that's it! Amazing!!  - Patty, Colorado Springs, CO USA

"Lovely Experience and you are so caring." -  Joanne, Sydney, Australia

"Everybody has a public self, the day-to-day on-the-surface one, but we all have a private self of hopes, fears and messy bits. Isla reveals those messy bits and helps you acknowledge and accept them. She helps you look with clarity on where you are and gives you insights on how to get where you want to go. Even if you haven't a clue to what that would be!! For myself, she confirmed for me what my path was and that what I was doing about it was what I should be doing. I highly recommend consulting Isla if you are searching or want confirmation on the path you are traveling."

~ Grace, Oak Park, IL

"Isla will help you tap into the oh-so beautiful streams of angelic awakenings and consciousness." ~ John B, Surrey, U.K.

"Waves of bliss and love -- moving through my body -- could feel it esp. strong in my hands, feet, head and face and chest...thank you thank you.  You really are a conduit!! "~ John L., Kansas, U.S.A.

"A very fascinating and eye-opening experience for sure, many things Isla mentioned resonated with me and gave me peace of mind that I'm on the right path. Other suggestions are possibilities I've never thought of before but find them intriguing. Very thought-provoking! She truly is divinely guided." ~ Anon, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

"It was really a beautiful time with God and all the delegation of the 13th Octave, and also the Angels of Light. As I tought, the energy continued to enter during night. I awoke close to 3:00 am, my lovely girlfriend having one hand on my crown and one on my heart. "They told me to do that" she said. The energy was entering like a river and I felt it working in my head, like something trying to enter in dormant parts of my brain, but without pain. After, both laying on the back, she took my hand and we put our other hand on our heart, and the energy continued to enter for I don't know how long because I returned to dreamland. It was a wonderful moment in the love of God. Really, like for the distance session two weeks ago, the energy is higher during the hours following the distance initiation. But it is fantastic. I like so much this energy, and my girlfriend likes it also. This morning, she asked me when I will initiate her. Probably after Christmas." ~ JLS, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

"I'm sure you are as blessed as your words are light. You are blessed!" - John, Seattle, WA, U.S.A.

"Isla gave me tons of insight in my love purpose reading. It was very extensive and detailed down to the people and life themes and for what she charges it was a good value. Isla is a beautiful down to earth soul, easy to talk to, and a pleasure to interact with. I can not thank her enough for the services I received and can not wait to try her other services in the future. Love, light, and blessings to all." - Gina, Pittsburgh, PA

"Wanna run off and marry me? ( ) yes ( ) no "
- DL, Tennessee, U.S.A.

"Mind blowing that you are able to do what you do. This was an amazing reading and a lot of things resonated with me. This is my 2nd purchase from you and I will definitely be back for more! There are a lot of fakes out there and you are 100% not one of them! Thank you." - Jimmy, Philadelphia, PA 

"Isla gives great insight!!! Highly recommended." ~ Sheri, St. Louis, Missouri 

"This was very accurate, and you said some things I was aware of and that no one knows about me.   Thanks for the wonderful reading and I'll be back for more!!"
~ Mariah,  Philadelphia, PA, U.S.A. 

"You are so awesome and I mean AWEsome. " ~ J, Vashon Island, WA, U.S.A.

"Isla Tula-Celestun is a powerful healer and medium. I'm a Reiki master and channel and hardly ever have I felt the degree of healing energy flow as strongly
as when Isla sent me Angel Light remotely. We connected via social media
to set the link and then maintained the connection for just over
half an hour. My chakras responded immediately, particularly my crown chakra.
My body felt a deep sense  of relaxation and of being 'held' by the sacred,
something I badly needed at a very stressful time.  This sense stayed with me for several days and helped mitigate anxiety I have been holding about 3D
events occurring in my life.  It was comforting and rejuvenating.
I can't thank Isla enough for the two Healing sessions we've had together.
I want to do more work with her and I look forward to completing
my Initiation into Angel Light and 13th Octave La Hochi (R) "

~ Sahila ChangeBringer, Seattle, WA

"Very interesting person you are and also eye opening confirmation in areas I've been seeking clarity on - I highly recommend Isla!" ~ Patty, Colorado Springs, CO

"You are just the BEST ever! My kind of "Spirited, supremely wild---- and artistically gifted, psychic friend!" Though I must say you are super unique, Wow!!!!
And that is why I must send my love and gratitude to you
for sparkling up my world!!!! Grateful for you!!! xxoo"

~ Wendy Zeigler, Petaluma, CA

"Here to remind you that you are love and loved x" 
~ MD, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

"I am feeling blessed today, and I may actually be able to create something positive.. your words and blessings were a large part of my being able to 'soldier on'."

~ Johan, Seattle, WA, U.S.A.

"Namaste goddess. thanks for showing your beautiful holy self.
Thank you divine one, may i merge myself in your naked awareness"~ Bangalore, India

"Being on the phone with Isla is no different than being in her physical presence. Having experienced both, I can attest to the level of nurturing intimacy and guidance she radiates. She is genuinely present and respectfully attentive. I always feel that my time with her is productive and fruitful, as though it is easy to balance that torus of energy in dialogue, continuously giving and receiving. Her readings are tailored to the individual and she uses her intuitive skills elegantly, easily transitioning from one subject to another while remaining in the client's scope."

~ Jennifer, Redmond, WA, U.S.A.

"There are some things I already knew but this helped me put some things into perspective and consideration. Balanced mixof intriguing vagueness and descriptions that will make you feel as is she truly knows you. Truly gifted,
Thank you!" ~  A.S., Indianapolis, IN, U.S.A.

"Isla I've felt like I'm 10 feet tall. I can't quite recall feeling this good or having this much energy? I was this bottle rocket all day at work, and it just intensified when I got home. I had so much energy across the board. Physically, mentally, creatively. I came home and wanted to write some more but picked up my guitar instead. It was stunning, what came out. I haven't felt that inspired or energetic in years. It was electric. I can only say that I'm sorta bummed that I have to sleep and go to work again because I just want to write and play. I feel like I'm made of lightning. I feel possessed in the most positive way and I just want to connect with people. I feel like I've drank a pot of spiritual french press, if that makes any sense ;^)

I don't know how to thank you. You are made of magic and light and love. There is a thread here, I'm noticing; when I ran into Robin Williams we didn't really interact, but there was a presence, and essence/energy that I felt, and in passing it actually healed me. I kind of feel like that's what you were both put here to do.

Just the beginning, thank you to a finite degree, xoxoxoxooxx"
~  K, Austin, TX 

"Thank you Isla- I administered the healing on myself for the first time last night.  Immediately I could feel the warmth of spirits light energy
emanating from my hands. What a simple and powerful technique for healing."
~ AD, Seattle, WA 

"My reading with Isla was so wonderful! I feel like I have renewed energy for the next phase of my life! I really appreciate the insight Isla has into other planes and dimensions, things that I have been sensing and wanting to explore but don't know where to start. I feel like Isla really is shining a light down paths that I can explore and learn so much more! She verified some things for me that I had been feeling and sensing, and it feels so good to know my instincts have been right on track. She has also helped me with advice on how to stay in contact with loved ones on the other side. Since losing my life partner, this has been a huge issue for me! I'm so glad Isla confirmed that it is possible to continue my relationship, and to stay in contact and in partnership! This reading has left me feeling hopeful and full of energy! Isla also recommended books and avenues of further contemplation and study. I feel like a breath of fresh air has blown into my life and my soul! Thank you Isla!"

~ Cheryl, Nyack, NY

"My Life Purpose! So intriguing..excited about my future."  ~ K, Vero Beach, FL 

"Isla Tula-CelestĂșn is arguably the most compassionate reader one will ever come across. She will relate to you on a human level, immediately putting you at ease. She's naturally intuitive, and beautifully articulate. When you talk to her - it's as if you are talking to a friend
because you are. Blessings " ~LaylaLilith~  Austin, TX

"Hello, not only did Isla help me with understanding of my health issue.. she provided me with clarity and a good outlook on life. I would definitely recommend a reading from her. Love and light ! " ~  Melissa, Philadelphia, PA  

"Eerily on target! Wow! Called out signs and names that they couldn't have had any inkling of from the little bit of data I shared. Will buy again." 

"Again......it is literally unbelievable. She called things out that no one could have known. And were clear to the present moment and shows how the relationship is evolving. It is amazing down to exact details. "

~Colleen, White Plains, NY 

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