"Love works magic. It is the final purpose of the world story.
The Amen of the Universe. " - Novalis




twin flame connection & twin flame revelations
angel of love (mm)iracles for twin flames

From the Spiritual Perspective the True Twin Flame

is but a Call from the Heart...a Movement in

Inner Awareness, Heaven in Bliss...

but on Earth 
it Comes just a little bit later almost as if

it is an Angelic Message in a bottle washing ashore,

Heralding a Love Anchored in the unseen.

Did you know that all Energies you each release lifetime upon Lifetime,

step-by-step are cycled  to One another in infinitude? 

Always within you Is your Lover upon

your every "seeming" lover Rising Above any all "earth-boundedness"

evolving you cos together you are in Eternal Love as Divine Identity.

Perhaps it has not been made clear to you that your Divine White Fire body

is Shared in One and that you are a Cell in God's Heart - a

Sweet Remembrance that you are indeed two halves of a whole ;

part of the Great Group Soul therefore in the Absolute- inseparable.

The Twin Flame is not be confused for the often "OverLighted"

Twin Soul (who appears as your most current Refection of your Higher Self

and in many ways physically (striking similarities in physical appearance) AND

(levels of Spiritual understanding, Intention, Purity, devotion to God and

articulation of  language greatly resembles you) as it is near 100% most likely that

your Twin Flame has already achieved his or her soul Liberation and is simply Guiding

you from Beyond as if one of you is sleeping/dreaming in bed while the other

by your side is gently waking you for the New Dawn.

The fruit of this Union in Great Love Is YOUR final Coming Home.

This Light of this Higher Love's Attainment (unique to you and only you)

in your current lifetime

Begins with but an Angelic-Assisted Form of Prayer!

ISLA will send you 5 Twin flame prayers, invocations and decrees by email

and Orchestrate a Clarion Call of Immense Angelic Light

that magnetises your Twin Flame/Soul Lover to you.

There is never a need to suffer with romantic pairings in ANY dimension, 

any longer 
as stars such as this were never Promised

in the human realms of darkness

that are but the seeming substance of this planet!

ISLA will need your name, sex, sexual orientation and your birth date

plus the city, state and country you are currently residing in. Thank you.

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